At the end of an age, a fabled warrior-prophet emerges to fulfill the last charge of his calling.

To raise up a rock and to cast down a great power
To plant in the East the seed of a beautiful flow’r
To best the king’s beast, and steal his jew’led Heart
To set a bird of prey free, ‘fore the dark of night’s start.

The promise of these feats lies in the secret of the cloak granted the prophet by the heavens. But has he set in motion events that will return to destroy him before he can bring it all to pass?

The Prophet’s Wings is a fifteen chapter fantasy-adventure novella by Paul Dirks which sets the stage for the forthcoming Mirrorman Saga. A fast-paced action fantasy, it draws thematically from the Elijah-Elisha narrative and rewards the careful reader who resists the temptation to turn its pages too quickly.

At release, a chapter will be made available on the podcast every week, with a week’s break after book one (chapters 1 to 10) and after book two (chapters 11 to 14), prior to the epilogue. Each chapter/episode is narrated by a rich, BBC-experienced voice talent, and comes with an illustration and a soundtrack, which will be made available later for purchase.


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